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In our roundup this week we report on a consumer spending dip in the UK in May, as well as a drop in new car sales during the month. We also bring news of challenger bank Shawbrook Group rejecting a third buyout offer, and a new survey suggesting that the average employee's savings would only allow them to maintain their lifestyle for a month should their income suddenly stop.

After working hard all of your life, retirement is a time to wind down and enjoy the fruits of your labour. This might mean travelling, spending time with the family or even trying the activities you never had time for in the past. To enjoy a comfortable retirement, however, it is essential you put the right plans in place.

This week's roundup includes news of a shares drop for IAG, the owner of British Airways, following severe flight disruption at the weekend, calls for the retirement age to rise to at least 70 in rich countries by 2050, a climb in contactless payment fraud, and the latest poll ahead of the general election suggesting Labour have cut the Conservatives' lead to six percentage points.

Investment Analyst Graeme Black takes a look at the fees and charges for active and passive fund management.