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Being young and travelling the world is surely two of life's great joys. But where are the best destinations for young people looking to holiday in luxury? We ask James Bell, Managing Director of Turquoise Holidays.

Following a hectic few days in UK politics, our roundup this week includes warnings that the pound could continue to weaken following the outcome of the general election. We also bring news of UK inflation climbing again in May, the number of payday loan-related complaints rising for the second year in a row, and a new poll suggesting affordability is the primary concern among renters.

Financial Planner & Partner Paul Farrugia answers ten frequently asked questions about the new Main Residence Nil Rate Band (MRNRB) being phased in from April 2017.

The outcome of the general election will impact all of our lives, especially our personal finances. Here we look at what voting for each party could mean for your money.