Debbie Jukes
Partner & Head of Client Care

Joined Equilibrium in 2001

Equilibrium was only a small team of six when I started here. I’d known one of the other partners for years and I was easily persuaded to join – helping the firm grow was an exciting opportunity.

I like the challenge of dealing with so many aspects of running a business and the variety of my role as chartered financial planner. I’m also thankful that I’ve got colleagues with a good sense of humour, a healthy mix of fun and professionalism.

I’m known as the EQpedia. I’ve been here for so long, I’ve developed a talent for remembering random items of information about the firm and our clients. I can put my hands on any piece of EQ history or industry information from decades ago.

I’m responsible for the compliance, legal and marketing functions within the business. I’m also a trustee of The Equilibrium Foundation – you can find out more about this role in my video here. My technical expertise is largely in the pensions field. I believe in building on strengths, I’m quick to smile and look for the positives in any situation – I’m definitely a glass half full type of girl!

I’m a proud mum of one and I love food and cooking – career number two would be a food critic or wine taster! I visit my favourite city, New York, as often as I can, and enjoy skiing holidays and walking my basset hound, Beau. 

What others say about Debbie:

The glue that holds us all together; multi-tasker, conscientious and loyal! - Various colleagues