Mike Deverell
Partner & Investment Manager

Joined Equilibrium in 2007

I wanted to join a firm where I could make a real difference. I’ve worked for big organisations before including a large fund management firm and a national wealth management company and didn’t enjoy being a small cog. At Equilibrium, we listen to all staff members and everyone can have a big impact on the firm. The company is very much focused on its clients and that is a big part of the attraction for me.

I initially joined Equilibrium with a view to being an adviser, but my wide experience meant that I was offered the investment manager position instead, which I readily accepted.

We’ve had real success with our asset allocation calls. In particular, decisions to come in and out of property at the right times. We’ve gained awards from New Model Adviser as the best firm in the north in 2015 and from Money Management as the best wealth manager in the UK, in 2013. I was proud of my contributions to those successes, and the fact that I personally won the Money Management Investing for Income planner of the year in 2008.

I really enjoy my job, but I also love writing newsletters, blogs and articles for the financial press, including my regular column for Citywire. In between providing an excellent service for our clients, of course!