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Pensions in general are rarely seen as exciting or ‘sexy’ investments. For the younger generation, retirement is too far off to be seen as anything other than a distant landmark. Particularly in today’s culture of instant gratification, why should setting up a policy for your grandchildren be considered when they, of course, want everything now?

This week’s roundup includes news that UK consumer spending growth has fallen to a record low, the government has new proposals to end the NHS pensions row and energy prices will fall for millions of people.

This week’s roundup includes news that top stockpicker Neil Woodford has suspended trading in his largest fund, Holyrood politicians are campaigning for their pensions to come from “ethical investing” and a HMRC crackdown on number spoofing appears to have been successful.

Employer contributions are a great way to boost your pension pot for retirement. But barely anyone is using them to their full potential. Here, Financial Planner Ben Rogers explains why it might be worth seeing what else your employer could offer you.

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