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Declining house prices, the death of the high street and Brexit uncertainty scaring off overseas investors are just some of the doom and gloom headlines you may have read surrounding the property sector over the last twelve months. So, you might be a little surprised to hear that property was our best performing asset class in 2018 generating a positive return in what was a tough year for investors across nearly every other asset class.

Putting property into a trust potentially could help savers cut their IHT liabilities – but there are numerous drawbacks to be aware of. Here, Partner and Chartered Financial Planner Andy Baker explains more.

This week’s roundup includes news that insurance customers are facing average loyalty penalties of £75, payday lender Wonga is near collapse and the recent heatwave means food prices are set for a 5% rise.

This week’s roundup includes news that 18 pubs are closing a week in the UK, house price growth has accelerated since June and millions of vulnerable households could face energy price increases.

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