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And the winners are...

As part of our annual team briefing this year, I thought it would be a great idea to introduce staff awards in order to reward team members who have shone in particular areas throughout the last year here at Equilibrium.

Initially I asked all staff to nominate a member of the team for each category (see categories below) and a reason as to why they were nominating that person. We then created a shortlist which was sent to all staff in order for them to choose the people they thought most worthy of each award. 

The introduction of staff awards went down really well with the team and will hopefully be an incentive for 2017! This year’s winners were very pleased with their prize, a winner’s mug (with their ‘mugs’ on the front) and a £50 voucher – who wouldn’t be! 

Not everyone can win obviously but as someone who got to read all the feedback it was clear to see that there was a lot of respect and admiration within the teams. I had the very lovely job of sending  some of the award nomination ‘highlights’ to each person nominated just to let them know how valued they are. They may not have won the main prize but it’s always nice to get positive feedback particularly from your peers!

And as for our winners, well here they are plus some of the comments given in the nomination process.

Adding value – Toby Ellington

He is always happy to help anyone with any question or query. He is also making a lot of positive changes which are streamlining the business.

 Best newcomer – Julie-Anne Jackson

She has only been here a short time but you would swear she has been here for years. She has  commitment to delivering a professional service to clients as she is the first person they meet on a visit to EQ

Marvelous multitasker – John Hilliard

He does so much for everyone at EQ; some of which I doubt fits into his 'job description'.  No job is too small or big and I have never heard him moan once. 

Making a positive difference – Laura Robinson

Always concerned about all aspects of the marketing team's tasks. Helps out all team members and keeps communication between the team high.

Unsung hero – Anne Parrott

Her positivity is very lifting. Anne is concerned with the atmosphere of the company and it shows. She even helps the cleaners out with her kitchen duties.

Going above & beyond – Richard Higgs

If you need help with a task or a question answered, Rich will regularly help.  He is a great team player within our team.

Calmest in the eye of the storm – Neal Foundly

Always there when you need help and always does a fantastic job. Really friendly, always happy.

Most unflappable – Matthew Dobson

Consistently high quality of work and great attitude whatever the weather!

Best team player – Claire Hayward

A friendly face in the office and someone who will find 5 minutes for anyone, no matter how busy she is.  She helps to train people and share ideas; particularly when people are new.  She'll also get her hands dirty when required!