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Connecting clients

At Equilibrium we have more than 850 families as clients. Working here for almost seven years, I feel really lucky to have met so many of our clients at a variety of EQ events over the years.

At our recent 21st anniversary celebration event at Tatton Park a number of clients spoke to me about how they would like to connect with others and asked whether this was something we could help with. Many clients explained that at events they often got to know people sat at their table but that they felt there may be more clients that they could connect with – whether that be socially or professionally.

As you can imagine with such a large community there are a range of experiences, hobbies and interests amongst our clients.

A recent example is two clients who independently spoke to me about their passion for scuba diving. Both of them really enjoyed going on scuba diving holidays around the world but were struggling to find a companion to travel with. After asking their permission I put them in touch with each other to see if they could arrange something. Another example was a client who had recently sold his business and was hoping to do non-executive work but was struggling to find these opportunities.

If you are an Equilibrium client who would like to connect with others on a social or professional level just drop an email to fiona.bousfield@eqllp.co.uk. Make sure to say any reasons why you would like to be put in touch with other clients – whether that is hobbies, shared experiences or on a professional level.

We will collate any requests we receive on an ongoing basis and will put clients in touch with each other when we receive similar requests.