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Designing MyEQ

A clear, uncomplicated view of your finances in one place. Your investments, savings, pensions, insurances, mortgages, loans and property alongside all the associated paperwork. That is our vision for MyEQ, our new online portal that we are currently introducing to clients who are interested. If you are an Equilibrium client who is interested in this new portal, please contact your adviser or mention it in your next meeting. 

With MyEQ you will be able to …

  • View your investment portfolio
  • Securely message your adviser and client manager
  • Track your property values
  • Safely store all your important documents
  • Quickly access your insurance details
  • Be reminded about your renewals, income and payments

On your desktop, tablet and as an app on your phone, your finances will be brought together under a single login accessible to you at any time, wherever you are.


The key benefits

Secure and timely communications

MyEQ keeps you connected to Equilibrium with secure messaging on your desktop, tablet or mobile. Notifications alert you when important messages or documents are waiting to be read.

The portal allows you to stay in touch easily and ensures that your personal data is exchanged using only the most secure methods.

Your data is always protected

We take the security of your personal and financial information very seriously. MyEQ makes sure that your data is safeguarded by using bank-level security and 128-bit encryption, essentially meaning that the connection between you and MyEQ will always be secure.

If you choose to download the MyEQ mobile app this will be further protected with your own six-digit pin and registered to your personal device.

Keep track of your investments

The portal will make it easy to see how your investments are doing. Valuations will be updated daily for you to be able to see a history of your entire Equilibrium portfolio.

A true picture of your net worth

A consolidated view of your net wealth across all of your accounts will be provided. You will be able to track your assets and liabilities over time  - all brought together into a single view.

Your property valued

If you choose to enter your house number and postcode, MyEQ will be able to retrieve your address and link to the land registry database to access the purchase cost of your property and track its value using house price indices for your area.

Keep your important documents safe

You will be able to store your important paperwork including your wills, property deeds, insurance contracts, policy documents, valuations and statements all in one place. You will be able to access them quickly and efficiently whenever you need to.

Get a grip on your financial calendar

Never forget important financial dates, such as premiums due, income receivable, insurance renewals and policy maturities, with your own personalised events calendar.

Everything summarised in a single view

The MyEQ dashboard will give you a simple snapshot of your entire financial life and is an easy navigation point to everything you need. You can personalise it to display the information that matters to you most.

MyEQ will be your personal digital financial filing cabinet with all your finances brought together, organised and updated. It’s financial peace of mind in your pocket, knowing that your most valuable records are safe and accessible.

  • No need to log into multiple financial sites
  • Keep all your financial records together
  • Secure communications with your adviser
  • Access to your information when you need it from any device
  • Overview of your Equilibrium portfolio in one place