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I’m late to the world of podcasts

Bored of listening to music during my commute and not wanting to sit in silence, I recently subscribed to a bunch of podcasts. There’s generally a theme: I’m definitely a TED talks, More or Less: Behind the Stats, Tell me Something I Don’t Know kind of girl and my favourite is Freakonomics Radio.

I was listening to a really interesting one called ‘Everything you always wanted to know about money (but were afraid to ask)’. It’s well worth a listen, regardless of the job you do and the money you may or may not have. One of the people on the podcast was Harold Pollack, a financial blogger, who was speaking about a blog post he did in 2013 that went viral. There’s now a book and multiple articles on Pollack’s blog but the gist was that he put “everything you need to know about money” on a 4’x6’ index card.


On reading, it makes total sense: utilise saving and tax benefit schemes that are available to you (in case you don’t know a 401(k) is an American defined-contribution pension scheme), save your money and don’t get into debt - it’s not rocket science but it did get me thinking…

I’m often asked by friends and people I’ve come across in my working life for my thoughts and ideas on their businesses. I’m also asked what we do that’s different, how have we achieved the success to date that we have? I’m happy to impart any wisdom I might have but often this can take time. One of my friends who I’m in the process of helping asked me “what book should I read to make my business a success”. My initial thought was, “You know what you need to do, you just need to crack on and do it”. But then I thought, “What if I could take the same 4x6 premise that Pollack had so succinctly demonstrated and apply it to running a business?”

Here’s what I came up with:


Have a plan, know your numbers, communicate with your staff and your clients and ensure the tax man doesn’t come knocking. Like Pollack’s list, it’s not rocket science but I think these are 11 simple rules that if stuck to WILL yield results.

I’d love to know what you think. Answers on a postcard (4’x6’ naturally)…or you could just comment below ;)