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Running with Winners

You can almost cut the tension in the Investment team office with a knife.  Whilst expectations are muted by underwhelming news flow the anticipation is definitely growing.  A flurry of activity resulting in some timely purchases is adding to the uncertainty. We are moving into unprecedented times on a course my esteemed colleagues nor I have ventured before.  Concerns are apparent but the relish of the challenge ahead is just the tonic…

To be clear the investment landscape is undergoing changes and with potential hot spots including EU referendum, US presidential election, China rebalance, global negative interest rates to name a few. We are in uncertain times.  As investors we must remain pragmatic and focused on the rational facts. However, whilst this is a challenge it is not the challenge I refer to.      

This year Equilibrium turns 21 and alongside celebrations we are looking to make a positive difference by raising money for our chosen charities.

Whilst historically we have donated money to a range of local charities and non-profit organisations, this year we have decided to concentrate our efforts on a smaller number of organisations to benefit from the amount raised. All the Equilibrium team were involved in deciding where the money will be donated.

A team-wide vote helped to select our five chosen charities:

  • Enthusiasm
  • Francis House Children’s Hospice
  • The Christie Charity
  • St Kentigern Hospice
  • The Alzheimer’s Society


There have been some great efforts thus far from all staff at Equilibrium.  Not wanting to be left behind, the investment team will be taking part in a number of running events in the year leading up to the big bash.  It would only be right that we attempt a total of 21 events ranging from a local Parkrun to fell runs and marathons.    

I write this on the day of the Shining Tor fell Race. Its 6 miles may be relatively short compared to the longer distance events in our schedule but the one thousand plus foot climb is not something any of us has endured before.  The jury remains out on whether it is something any of us will wish to endure again. 

After a balmy week the weather has taken a turn for the worse with rain and wind expected to be a factor over the ‘tops’.  A quick look at reviews of the race from previous years is not calming the nerves.  ‘Steep’, ‘slippery’, ‘on hands and knees’ are not the kind of running conditions we are used to.  Further to this, an update from the organisers reminding entrants of the requirements for full body waterproofing to be worn, or at least carried, also does little to allay the fears. 

The fact we are having to buy gear specifically for one run is highlighting just how far from our comfort zone we are now treading!   

Assuming we return from the peaks in one piece and taking into consideration the proposed runs to come we will cover over 185 miles.  This obviously doesn’t include the ground covered training for the events.  Early morning and evening training runs in the dark through the winter have put us in a strong position with a third of the target events and 67 miles completed.  The challenge is now on with four months remaining we have 14 events left to run!

The Equilibrium foundation 21st Birthday is raising money for not 1 but 5 great charities, please click here to help these great causes by sponsoring us in our endeavours.