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The importance of financial planning for young people

Financial planning is a useful and necessary tool for any young person hoping to build and increase their assets in order to enjoy a more comfortable financial position in later life. It is also important that you choose the right financial planner, alongside the right cashflow modelling tool, to help you meet your long-term objectives. We explain more here.


A young person's long-term financial goals will often involve the building of assets in order to enjoy a secure financial future. However, many people between the ages of, say, 25 and 40 are failing to put the building blocks in place to make this dream a reality. Most will envision a bright future, but many are not carrying out the necessary preparation. Financial planning is essential for effective asset growth and should not be delayed or ignored by any young person with big ambitions for the future. 

If you want to be comfortable in the years ahead, then now is the time to start taking action. By creating a sound financial plan today, you will have a greater sense of financial freedom tomorrow. With every aspect of your finances tailored to your ambitions, you can lay a pathway that is clear and easy to follow. 

The best way to ensure you're on the right track is to get planning early. Speaking to specialist advisers is the first step to take. Together, you can create a bespoke plan that is finely tuned to match your personality and meet your objectives. Starting early will allow you to make the biggest difference to your future finances, encouraging you to save more and providing a realistic expectation of what's to come. 

Early financial planning will set you off on the right foot and ensure you're doing all the basics right from a younger age, including saving, reducing debt, managing tax and making sound investments. 

The benefits of cashflow modelling 

Cashflow modelling helps to bring your financial plans to life, giving you a clearer idea of your financial future and making sure your personal needs are being met. It is a way for advisers to demonstrate that the planning process places clients at its heart and strives to meet all of their objectives and aspirations. 

One cashflow modelling tool that presents financial plans in a clear and visually engaging way is Voyant. It is a system that forecasts income, expenses, assets and liabilities to help you better plan your future, and does so in an easy-to-understand way. By evaluating financial goals, attitude to risk and current circumstances, Voyant can also help you make the right asset investment decisions to help you meet your strategic goals. It also helps to minimise tax payments thanks to its various tax planning capabilities. 

Choosing a financial planner 

Deciding it is time to create a financial plan is one thing, but deciding on a financial planner - who will help you create the most effective and workable plan possible - is quite another. However, there are certain attributes that you should look out for in a financial planner to make sure they are the right choice for you - both now and in the future. 

A good financial planner will help you create a bespoke plan that is highly personalised to your circumstances. This is especially important for younger people, as the plan will need to take into account current circumstances and also their aspirations and where they see themselves - and their asset levels - in the future. The plan should be created with consideration to both a person's concerns and their ambitions, and should take onboard various other factors, such as outgoings and capital replacements. 

Choosing the right financial planner is therefore imperative, especially for you, as a young person, who will need to consider many different variables and the various changes in circumstances to come. The right planner will help you devise a financial plan that is tailored to your individual circumstances, needs and ambitions, which will guide you throughout your life and ensure all of your long-term goals are met.