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Who Moved My Cheese? By Dr Spencer Johnson

When joining the Equilibrium team, all new starters are given a selection of books to read - and this is one of them. Hailed as one of the leading ‘life skills’ books out there, and after reading another of Dr Spencer Johnson’s bestselling blockbusters ‘One Minute Manager’, it was fair to say that I was looking forward to picking it up.

It’s a very simple book and an easy read, taking just under an hour cover to cover. You follow the journey of two mice and two ‘littlepeople’ looking for their ‘cheese’, a metaphor for happiness and success.

The underlying premise is that the world changes and we have to change with it, otherwise we get left behind. It argues that in order to find your own ‘cheese’ you need to anticipate, accept and adapt to (and then enjoy) change.

Whilst the moral the book delivers may already be obvious to some, I found that it really made me take the time to think about how I react to change. So perhaps from now on when my ‘cheese’ is moved, I will remember the straightforward message from this book – to savour the adventure and enjoy the taste of new cheese!