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Property is one of the most common ways a lot of us invest, with the housing ladder providing a way to increase value of a home and then gain a profit from its sale. But should property be a mainstay of an investment portfolio? Equilibrium Partner and Financial Planner Paul Farrugia explores our relationship with this asset class and the role it can play in our finances.     

This week’s roundup includes news of a record £94 billion dividend for shareholders of London-listed businesses, a warning over a new investment scam costing victims up to £26,000, calls for reliable tenants to have their rental payment history feature on their credit score and the prospect of millions of people facing financial difficulty due to missed bills.  

From brand new faces to those we’ve known for years, our offices have welcomed more clients than ever as Equilibrium continues to provide an outstanding service for all.

You may not want to think about it, or think you're too young, but having a valid and up to date will is a crucial part of financial planning and having a say over how your estate is divided up. As we will show you, you may be surprised by what else a will can offer you.