Caroline Knight
Compliance Associate

Joined Equilibrium in 2018

I have worked in compliance roles for many years and have played a proactive role in supporting businesses. My qualifications and experience in compliance monitoring mean that I can apply my knowledge to providing robust checking and feedback.

After being made redundant I researched available roles in my field and came across the compliance vacancy at Equilibrium. The role itself fitted my skills and after reading more about the business, its vision and its values I was very keen to apply for the position. The staff benefits, employee engagement and culture as well as the awards Equilibrium has won all reaffirmed my confidence in my choice to apply. I am also local to the office, which was very appealing!

In terms of hobbies, I enjoy meals out and socialising. I recently became a new member of a gym, joining with the intention to ‘get fit’. I’ve been impressed with how my fitness has improved, but typically I have not managed to keep up the momentum!