David McKendrick
Partner & Chartered Financial Planner

Joined Equilibrium in 2013

I joined Equilibrium so I could concentrate on what I was qualified for and enjoy doing – providing financial planning for clients. From my first contact, right up until now, the enthusiasm and energy within the firm to get the right outcome for our clients has been impressive. The quality of staff allows everyone to have confidence and focus on their own particular role.

Most of my time is centred on pensions and inheritance tax planning. The real enjoyment of being a financial planner is providing clients with bespoke, holistic advice that allows them to enjoy their lives, instead of worrying about what’s going on in the world financially. Often we meet clients that have worked hard and saved, but don’t really know how to use their money. The best feeling is when you highlight what options they have – retirement, semi-retirement, helping other family members or just enjoying themselves more. All the technicalities behind this are our issue to solve, but it’s the outcome that benefits the clients.

I have an active family life outside work, with two children being ferried from one sport to another throughout the week. When time allows, I enjoy playing golf at my local club and skiing with the family. I also try to get on my bike when possible to try and keep some sort of fitness level.

What clients say about David:

Davids help with thinking about our long term finances has been outstanding. We are not there yet but without Davids help we will never get there. Well done David and Equilibrium. - Stan Mendham