Gaynor Rigby
Managing Partner

Joined Equilibrium in 2010

Back in 2010 I was brought in as a consultant for 35 days, I could see Equilibrium was an exciting, dynamic organisation and I wanted to be along for the ride. Fast forward to today, I am still here helping to maximise the potential of the business and the staff. It’s a job I love.

When I first arrived at Equilibrium, it was clear that this was a good, caring, business. I knew straight away that it could be more than that. I knew it could be great. So we restructured the organisation from the ground-up - changing everything from the accounting processes to the way we calculate holiday entitlement and within 12 months we had seen a real positive change across the board.

By integrating all elements of Equilibrium in this way we are able to deliver the service and returns our clients deserve. Year on year we have continued to increase our profitability and turnover and maintained our 99% client retention rate. 

Prior to Equilibrium, I lived in Toronto and worked for a North American Coaching company. We helped owners and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses whilst maintaining a healthy work/life balance. The tools and concepts I learned, along with a North American can-do attitude, I brought with me to Equilibrium.

A huge part of our success is down to the team. A lot of thought and effort goes into creating a positive environment, so we were absolutely thrilled to be recognised by the Sunday Times as the ninth Best Small Company to work for, marking our second consecutive year in the top ten. We believe that enjoyment is conducive to achieving your full potential. 

Outside of work I like travelling, socialising and doing new and fun things.


What others say about Gaynor:

Gaynor is a leader who has clarity of vision and decisiveness, qualities that make her stand apart from others . - Ben Lall