Natalie Quirk
Client Manager

Joined Equilibrium in 2018

I joined Equilibrium after spending three years at Artorius Wealth, a small EAM/multi-family office, since its inception.

Prior to that, I worked in London for 10 years in private banking, and before that in Jersey in the Channel Islands.

My previous experience in London was more investment/trading focused, and my client base was almost all UK non-domiciled residents, so both of these topics are very familiar to me.

Since moving to Manchester I have been more involved with wealth planning and UK tax. I studied Applied Psychology at university – so who knows how I ended up in finance!?

I had heard about Equilibrium from my past employer, as they were a competitor company. I was attracted by the company’s genuine desire to do things differently in the way they deal with both clients and staff.

I am adaptable and a quick learner, and I also seem to have a knack at getting along with demanding and challenging clients - I hope this is because I am efficient and leave them little room for complaint, and not because they relate to me!