Covid-19 updates


We continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 situation and taking appropriate action in the best interests of our clients, staff and community.

On this page, you can find our recent videos, blogs and online events around this topic, providing our views on its impact and the latest market developments.

Over the last few years, we have put a significant amount of work into our IT infrastructure, which has meant that our client service has been largely unaffected by COVID-19, even with our team working from home.

Clients can access their information and client-specific communications via the client portal.

We will continue to monitor the response and advice issued by the government. Further guidance from the government can be found here.

Blog: Q&A summary

Colin Lawson recently presented on how markets are reacting to COVID-19 and how it is shaping our investment process. Here's a summary of the questions asked by the viewers on the day below.

Blog: Steve Eisman discussion summary

We recently spoke talked to Steve Eisman, famously portrayed by Steve Carrell in the Big Short, to discuss everything from where to invest to Brad Pitt. In this blog we summarise some of our discussions.

Blog: Investment panel discussion insights

At our recent investment panel discussion live stream, Equilibrium founder Colin Lawson was joined by Gervais Williams of Premier Miton Investors and James Ashley at Goldman Sachs. Here the key points and insights from the broadcast.

Human doings part two (1 May 2020)
In his latest video, Colin Lawson, shares his insight on how the COVID-19 crisis might change business and consumer behaviour for the better.

Recording: Investment panel discussion (Recorded on 17 April 2020)
Equilibrium Founder Colin Lawson was joined by Gervais Williams, of Premier Miton Investors, and James Ashley, of Goldman Sachs for our recent investment panel discussion.

Volatility goes both ways (26 March 2020)
In this briefing, Mike gives an update on the volatility in the stockmarket and how central banks have responded.
(FTSE open: 5,688.20, FTSE close: 5,815.70)

Human doings (17 March 2020)
In this video below, Founder Colin Lawson shares his views on how certain "irrational" behaviours are linked to a desire for certainty and control.
(FTSE open: 5,151.10, FTSE close: 5,294.90)

How we are dealing with Covid-19 (13 March 2020)
Managing Partner Gaynor Rigby explains some of the steps taken to minimise the risk of infection, and how we are maintaining communication for the ongoing delivery of our service.
(FTSE open: 5,237.50, FTSE close: 5,366.10)

Recording: COVID-19 - this time it's different?
Recoded on 8 July 2020

Equilibrium’s Founder, Colin Lawson, discussed how markets are reacting to COVID-19 and how it is shaping our investment process.

Recording: An investment conversation with Steve Eisman
Recoded on 17 June 2020

Investment Manager Mike Deverell was joined by one of Wall Street’s most respected analysts, Steve Eisman. They discussed everything from investment markets to Brad Pitt.

Recording: Investment panel discussion
Recorded on 13 May 2020

Equilibrium Founder Colin Lawson was joined by Gervais Williams of Premier Miton Investors and James Ashley of Goldman Sachs for our recent investment panel discussion.

Blog: Q&A’s from investment panel live stream
Colin Lawson was recently joined by Gervais Williams and James Ashley on a live stream to discuss the impact of the coronavirus on investing and global markets. Here are the questions from the day.

Market update (3 April 2020)
Mike gives a quick summary on markets and an update on what’s been going on in portfolios - explaining some of the actions we’ve taken with portfolios.
(FTSE open: 5,480.22, FTSE close: 5,415.50)

Sunny sentiments in miserable markets (19 March 2020)
Colin discusses the different stages of investor sentiment during market cycles and the feelings these can evoke.
(FTSE open: 5,080.60, FTSE close: 5,151.60)

Shock and awe (16 March 2020)
Colin Lawson gives his views on how companies and economies are reacting to the global shock & ultimately, where does it go from here.
(FTSE open: 5,366.10, FTSE close: 5,151.10)

How our thinking has evolved (12 March 2020)
In this video below the Founder Colin Lawson and Investment Manager Mike Deverell discuss how our thought process on Covid-19 has evolved.
(FTSE open: 5,876.50, FTSE close: 5,237.50)


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