Spring 2020

Equinox is the half yearly investment magazine from Equilibrium that provides expert commentary and analysis of the economy and financial world. 

We took the decision to send the magazine to print ahead of schedule so that we could follow up with the investment commentary electronically in order to deliver it as quickly as possible after writing, which is why you see two sections below.

Equinox: section one
Section one of our latest edition of Equinox discusses a range of topics including how to keep your financial plan shipshape, the shift in corporations towards a more philanthropic future, and we have also included a sneak peek of our new offices.

If you would like to download section one as a PDF, please click here.

Equinox: section two
Section two, our investment commentary, includes our thoughts on COVID-19, how we have reacted and the effect we believe it will have on the future. 

If you would like to download section two as a PDF, please click here.