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Equilibrium Included Again in FT Wealth Management Survey

Once again we are delighted to have been included in the FT Private Client Wealth management survey that profiled 46 of the UK’s leading wealth managers who collectively manage £150bn of assets.

This is the third consecutive year that Equilibrium has been included in the survey which speaks to the top financial houses and asset management companies to give a unique insight into the industry from the client perspective.

The Financial Times' analysis is based purely on facts and figures. In this case, the facts demonstrate that we have excellent performance, achieved with less risk, whilst providing excellent service.

If we exclude all the firms whose performance was not either ARC measured or verified, we are 3rd over 1 year, 2nd over 3 years and 4th over 5 years. In our view this is the most important measure. All firms were invited to have their data verified by ARC (Asset Risk Consultants) but some declined to have their performance independently verified.

The asset allocations shown in the survey indicate that we achieved the above results by holding far less equities and taking far less risk than the average balanced portfolio. Our results were achieved through a combination of sensible asset allocation and good fund selection and not driven purely by a recovering stockmarket.

Property has seen the best risk adjusted returns of all asset classes over the past year and we still favour it. However, very few managers have much property if at all. We have the highest proportion of all firms surveyed at 25%. Only three other firms have more than 10% and only one other has 20%.

Perhaps some of the larger firms are unable to invest in great numbers due to liquidity issues. They are perhaps wary of putting £100m+ into a property fund whereas we can manage liquidity more easily.

We know we offer our clients outstanding, personalised wealth management services but it’s great to have it endorsed by industry figures. If you would like any further information or have any comments, then please do not hesitate to contact us at