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FT adviser Top 100 Financial Advisers 2019

FTAdviser have ranked Equilibrium Asset Management 17th in their Top 100 Financial Advisers. The list compiles the best advice companies in the UK from an in-depth data analysis.

It is a brilliant achievement for the Wilmslow-based wealth management firm who recently surpassed £900m assets under management.

Colin Lawson, Founder of Equilibrium, said, “It’s fantastic to be recognised as one of the top financial advisers in the country. Everything we do at Equilibrium serves our core purpose of making lives better, so it’s brilliant to be acknowledged by FTAdviser for our company’s achievements.”

Matrix Solutions, an ISS Marketing Intelligence company, compiled the list based on factors such as growth rates, the years of experience each business has managing assets in different economic and interest-rate environments and how well-qualified their advisers are. It also included flows of client money and how their investment choices influenced asset growth over the year.

Whilst the list has been based purely on sales in previous years, this analysis gives a far more comprehensive view of the companies’ capabilities. This provides a much more useful guide for clients, recognising the efforts of companies such as Equilibrium to deliver a first-class service that will truly improve their clients’ lives.