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We're Happy Here!

You may have read recently in the press about the continued growth of Equilibrium, a lot of which has happened in the past three years as it is in this time period that 48.48% of Equilibrium staff have joined the company. Feedback is important in order that we can keep staff happy and morale high, so every year we send out a staff survey and this year’s results are in. We can safely say that overall there is a very happy workforce at EQ HQ! 93.94% of staff stated that they are happy in their job at Equilibrium.

What’s not to be happy about? Great holiday package, free breakfast, end of year get together, various office perks throughout the year and other benefits such as pension and health schemes. However we continue to carry out this survey each year to ensure all staff remain satisfied and see themselves as a valued asset of the company. We also want to ensure the clear message of Equilibrium and its services are understood by all staff.

When presented with the statement “I am extremely proud to tell people that I work for EQ” not one staff member disagreed. This figure goes to show that all Equilibrium staff are on the same page and are happy with the service being provided as a company.  Speaking of service, it is one of the most important things to us our commitment to outstanding service could be the main reason we currently have a 99% client retention rate.  100% of staff agreed they can see this focus within the company.

We see ourselves as a team here at Equilibrium and we aim to maintain the feeling of teamwork within the company to ensure all staff pull together to get the best results. 90.91% of staff believe that there is a strong sense of teamwork and cooperation amongst the team members. Equilibrium’s remarkable performance is also obtained by the constant support of team leaders to staff. 100% of staff believe that the leaders of the organisation really know what they’re doing and 93.94% respect them as competent professionals. 96.97% of staff are satisfied with the support and resources they get from their team leader and feel it allows them to do well in their job.

As well as a series of statements which staff are able to rate from 1-5, we include some open ended questions to encourage as much feedback and comments as possible. We like know where we are going wrong just as much as the things we are doing right. Here are some of the outcomes;


What do you like most about working for Equilibrium?



If you were in charge of this organisation, what would you do differently?



We are proud that we have a very happy workforce and all comments from staff will be taken on board and addressed. The office has especially high morale at the minute as we head towards the company year end after an outstanding 12 months. It also may have a little to do with the fact that the annual team briefing is less than 3 weeks away…not that we’re counting!

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