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Winsford charity awarded £500 grant

Winsford charity The Neuromuscular Centre has been awarded a £500 grant from Equilibrium. Set up to provide specialist services and support for people living with neuromuscular conditions such as Muscular Dystrophy (MD), the centre houses a care team which helps sufferers manage practical daily tasks. The grant will go towards the cost of purchasing a Total Body pedal machine, enabling those in powered wheelchairs to participate in exercise which can build muscle strength.

Lyndsey Cannon, Head of Fundraising at The Neuromuscular Centre commented on the grant:

The provision of accessible exercise equipment that can be used by those in motorised wheelchairs is vital to treatment. Exercise brings so many health benefits to sufferers of MD. It helps slow the deterioration of muscles, reduces circulatory problems and decreases the risk of diabetes. Exercise also has a huge impact on their self-esteem and confidence, as it is one of few aspects in their lives that they can have control over. Being able to provide the Total Body pedal machine for arms and legs can even benefit sufferers with severely limited muscle strength as it is power assisted. For these reasons, we cannot thank Equilibrium enough for providing us with these crucial funds.’

Equilibrium’s community scheme enables local charities and organisations to apply for grants to further support the work they are doing in the local community.  For further information and to apply please visit The Equilibrium Foundation page.