Intergenerational Planning

Planning for your future generations

When putting together a financial plan for yourself, it often makes sense to consider the possibilities for other members of your family at the same time, or perhaps to put arrangements in place for future generations.

What is intergenerational planning?

Intergenerational planning is an important part of a financial plan if you have children for whom you want to continue to provide, or if you want to put arrangements in place to ensure the wealth of future generations.

At Equilibrium, we have teams of experts in Wilmslow and Chester who operate in the Manchester area and further afield and are ready to provide expert financial planning help. Importantly, we will ensure your plan is realistic, meets the needs of you and your children and doesn't leave you paying more tax than necessary.

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At Equilibrium, we believe that intergenerational planning is not just about inheritance tax planning; in fact we believe the two are very different and that intergenerational planning should centre on ensuring the right amount of money goes to the right people at the right time. When it comes to gifts, there are certain barriers that can prevent you giving everything that you would like to. However, there are ways to overcome these, and we explore them in the following:

Why do I need help with intergenerational planning?

At certain times in life, you may be asked for a loan by certain family members, or feel the need to ask for one yourself. Consider this with caution - is it a loan, or would it serve a better purpose defined as a gift (if, for example, you are trying to reduce your estate value for inheritance tax purposes)? If you are the one lending, what rate of interest has been agreed and are you both clear on the repayment terms?


However, not many people realise that when it comes to giving gifts to your children, grandchildren or siblings, you haven't got entirely free rein either. There are limits to the amounts you can gift each year in order for them to be exempt from inheritance tax, so bear in mind how early you want to start handing out your annual gifts and remember that while certain life events, such as weddings, are exempt from inheritance tax, there is again a ceiling.


Your property is another thing to consider. While you can't just give your house away and live in it rent-free with no repercussions, there are other options, such as transferring it into your children's name and paying a rent, or selling your house and gifting your children the proceeds. Obviously, the seven-year survival rule applies in terms of inheritance tax liability.

We can help you understand your options and every aspect of your finances that you need to consider when it comes to intergenerational planning.

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The term 'bank of mum and dad' was coined for a reason. There are so many things to consider here, from saving for your children's education to setting up a savings plan for longer-term events, such as helping your kids up onto the housing ladder.

An early chat with Equilibrium's advisers can help you prioritise and plan how you might spread your wealth across the branches of your family tree. We have supported many clients from in and around the Manchester and Cheshire areas, including Chester and Wilmslow. To get in touch with the team, complete our online contact form or call 0808 156 1176. We understand the importance of financial planning and want to ensure you make the right choices.


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