our portfolio management service 

We offer a comprehensive ongoing investment service with options to suit individual requirements. This service complements our IFSL funds and runs alongside these investments if appropriate.

1. Bespoke discretionary and advisory portfolios (minimum portfolio size £750,000)

An Equilibrium financial planner will identify the portfolio to be managed and recommend a target asset allocation. The portfolio can be made up of multiple products, or at its simplest, a single product.

Your bespoke portfolio can be made up of both discretionary and advisory investments. Each time a change is needed, an EIM investment manager will decide how best to implement that change.

2. Discretionary AIM portfolios (minimum investment £10,000)

If your financial planner recommends our Alternative Investment Market (AIM) portfolio (general used for estate planning purposes) then this will be managed by EIM on a discretionary basis. This is a model portfolio service.

Please note that to invest in our AIM portfolio your financial planner must deem the amount invested to be appropriate based on your overall wealth, objectives, circumstances and views on risk. We only recommend that it forms a small proportion of your overall portfolio.

3. Advisory product management

Many of our clients have legacy policies, such as old investment bonds or pensions, where the most appropriate advice has been to retain them and manage the product alongside a model portfolio. This is likely to still be the case following the launch of the IFSL funds.

Here, your financial planner will recommend that the product is managed to a particular target asset allocation. An EIM investment manager will then review the funds available via that product and make fund recommendations based on that product alone.

Please be aware that any investment can fall as well as rise and cannot be guaranteed; you may not get back the amount originally invested.