Our investment management services 

We have two main ways of managing portfolios


Under this proposition, every individual product is invested into one of our model portfolios; either cautious, balanced or adventurous. This service level is suitable for the majority of our clients, unless there are specific tax planning or asset allocation requirements.


This proposition covers clients who do not invest in our model portfolios. It is generally suitable for more complex portfolios or where our models do not meet client requirements. Our bespoke service is usually only available for clients with assets under management of more than £750,000.

The Next Development

In autumn 2017 we made the decision to deliver our model portfolio service through a fund structure.

What does this mean?

  • The money will be invested using the same principles and approach as with our existing model portfolios.
  • The individual holdings that make up the model portfolio will no longer be held directly, but instead through an open ended investment company (OEIC) investment fund.
  • The new fund range will invest in all the assets held in our existing discretionary portfolios; primarily other OEICs and Unit Trusts, in asset classes like equity, fixed interest and property.
  • This is known as a fund of funds.

Creating the Funds

We conducted extensive research into the options available to establish the proposed funds. A key consideration was that we wanted to continue to concentrate on what we are good at: managing portfolios. As such, we therefore decided to appoint an experienced third party fund administration service to run the funds on our behalf.

We selected Investment Fund Services Limited (IFSL), part of the Marlborough Group. We chose IFSL as we felt that they had the right blend of service, experience, flexibility and cost. We also have experience of working with Marlborough as their Special Situations fund is currently one of the holdings within our portfolios.

Equilibrium Investment Management LLP has been created to manage the IFSL Equilibrium Portfolio funds. This new company has the same ownership structure as Equilibrium Asset Management LLP and is separately authorised by the FCA.