Investment Products

There are various investment products that might be able to help you secure the returns you would like to accomplish and enable you to meet your financial goals. At Equilibrium, we can provide the expert advice you need to make the best use of the products available that will achieve the right results for you.

An investment product is a product that is not deposit-based, such as bank accounts, savings and National Savings products, and can either be directly invested or can take the form of a pooled investment made with other investors. Choosing the right product can be tricky, which is why expert help is advised.

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Types of Investment Products

There are many different products available to investors; the important thing is choosing the product or products that are right for you. See some of the more common types of investment products below.

Stocks and shares ISAs

A stocks and shares individual savings account (ISA) is quite different to a cash Isa because it is a form of investment. Through a stocks and shares Isa you may, for example, choose to invest in:

  • Shares - Investing in individual companies, with your share going up or down depending on how well the company fares
  • Corporate and government bonds - Lending your money to a company or a government in exchange for interest
  • Funds - These can include bonds, shares or a mixture of the two, and sometimes include cash

Stocks and shares ISAs are tax-efficient (in that there is no capital gains tax applicable) and allow you to put money into various types of investments. However, it is worth noting that some types of investment are actually more tax-efficient than others.

Help to Buy ISAs

Help to Buy Isas are aimed at helping first-time buyers afford their first home by boosting their savings by 25%. For every £200, you will therefore receive a bonus of £50.

This acts as a useful investment tool as it can help you earn a maximum government bonus of £3,000. After an initial maximum payment of £1,200 you can then save up to £200 a month in the Isa.


Through a pension, you can hold investments with the aim of building up your own retirement fund. This is a tax-efficient way of holding investments and, when you retire, your fund can be used to secure an income and/or lump sum.

The money you place in your pension will be locked away until you reach the minimum pension age (currently age 55) and when you come to claim it, you have the option of drawing part of it as a tax-free lump sum and receiving the rest as a taxable pension income.

Other Products

In addition to some of the more common tax-efficient accounts mentioned above, there is a wide range of other investment product types that can also have specific tax benefits depending on your circumstances. These include:

  • Investment bonds
  • Unit trusts and open ended investment companies (OEICs)
  • Investment trusts

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