A wrap platform is an administrative service that allows you to hold your portfolio of investments in a single location. At Equilibrium Asset Management, we can advise you of the best platform for you and how to make the very best of it.

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Wrap Platforms Explained 

A wrap platform effectively allows you to invest in a number of different product wrappers without the need to use multiple providers. A product wrapper may be an individual savings account (ISA), a general account or a pension, for example. 

Within each product wrapper there is a cash holding in addition to the investment funds. This facilitates the operation of the account.

Things to Know

  • The fund annual management charges are collected directly by each fund manager, with any rebates due being credited to the cash account within each product wrapper
  • Platform fees are calculated on a daily basis and collected at an agreed frequency
  • Within each contract you must generally hold a minimum of 2% in the cash account, which is used to cover charges and provide flexibility
  • Equilibrium fees can be paid directly from investments on a platform, the basis of which is agreed with each client
  • Withdrawals can be made either to the client's linked bank account or other products within the same wrap account 

Different Types of Products Used 

A wrap platform will typically offer a range of products, including some or all of:

General investment accounts

This type of account allows you to hold a number of collective investment funds without any special tax treatment. It is effectively the same as investing in the funds directly, without the administrative burden of creating multiple accounts with each fund provider. 


An ISA is a tax-efficient account that allows you to earn interest and dividends without paying income tax or capital gains tax on capital growth.

Pension and drawdown accounts

A pension is a long-term savings vehicle that can be used to build up a pot of money for retirement. To incentivise people to contribute to a pension, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) allow tax relief on allowable personal contributions into registered pension schemes, thereby boosting the amount invested. 

Onshore and offshore investment bonds

Investment bonds are life assurance policies where the primary focus is for tax-efficient investment rather than life cover, which is minimal under this type of policy. 

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