Tax Planning

Proactive tax mitigation strategies

Tax legislation is complex and ever-changing, but Equilibrium offers excellent tax advice and a comprehensive tax planning service, helping you deal with the intricacies of income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax.

To get in touch with our team of advisers, who are based in Wilmslow and Chester and have years of experience in ensuring clients don't pay more tax than they need to, complete our online enquiry form or call 0808 156 1176. We can help you build and work towards bespoke tax planning strategies that will deliver the best results.

Tax planning and mitigation strategies

Tax planning in relation to investment portfolios seems to fall through the 'advice gap'. There is often a lack of understanding about ongoing active tax management, which can result in individuals paying more tax than necessary.

Equilibrium looks to create a tax mitigation strategy that does not involve complex schemes but simply involves taking a holistic view of a client's affairs and taking a proactive approach that constantly evolves over the years.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide clients with expert advice and a range of techniques to achieve a comprehensive solution, including utilising the right product wrapper for the right investment, and ensuring individuals make the most of their allowances every year.

What is tax planning?

Tax planning is, quite simply, a way to ensure you are being as tax efficient as you possibly can, which will benefit both you and your family in the long run. It is looking at things from a tax perspective and can make a significant, positive difference to your financial situation. Tax planning can take various forms and includes many different considerations, such as investment selection and retirement planning. At Equilibrium, we advise individuals on all aspects of tax planning to ensure they make the most of their wealth. It is important to remember that tax rules and regulations can change and often depend on your individual circumstances. Active tax planning with Equilibrium could ensure that you keep up to date with the various tax changes and how they may impact you, making sure that your ongoing tax plan remains as efficient as possible.

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We have supported many clients from the North West, including in and around the Manchester and Cheshire areas. Our team has years of shared experience helping clients get the most out of their investments, ensuring they avoid the pitfalls of the tax system and enjoy the money to which they are entitled.

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The FCA regulates advice which we provide on investment and insurance business; however it does not regulate advice which we provide purely in respect of taxation matters.

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