AIM Portfolios

Investing money in Alternative Investment Market (AIM) shares can help to safeguard some of your assets from Inheritance Tax (IHT), and the specialists at Equilibrium can advise you how. With the right guidance, you can choose a portfolio service that allows you to shelter part of your estate from IHT while enabling you to remain in control of your assets.

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What is AIM?

Launched in 1995, AIM is a growth market that attempts to help smaller and growing companies - including early stage and venture capital-backed, as well as more established companies - to increase the capital they require in order to successfully expand.

One of the aims of this market is to offer the advantages of a bigger world-class public market, complete with the right regulatory environment that can better serve their needs, to smaller companies. Indeed, AIM's approach to regulation is specifically suited to helping these smaller businesses.

IHT Benefits

Investing in AIM shares can help to reduce your IHT bill because, under current tax rules, private individuals can enjoy unlimited exemption from this type of tax, provided an investor has held shares in a qualifying company for a minimum period of two years.

Because the majority of companies trading on the AIM are eligible for Business Property Relief - which provides relief from IHT on the transfer of relevant business assets at a rate of either 50% or 100% - the shares within the portfolio are exempt from IHT because they are classed as business assets.

AIM is an attractive prospect to many investors due to the potential growth of the stocks that are listed on this index, and the benefits of doing so have gained particular prominence in the last few years.

The Risks

It is important to remember that, as with any long-term investment, investing in an AIM portfolio can carry certain risks. In fact, it can be riskier than investing in equities on the London Stock Exchange main market and, with the value of any investment potentially going down as well as up, there is always the risk that you may not receive back the full amount that you invested at first.

As such, it is important you seek the advice of an experienced wealth management company that can help you choose the right AIM investment vehicle for you and manage your investment, which will not only enable you to meet your long-term investment goals but help you reduce your Inheritance Tax bill so that you are able to pass on more of your money to your family.

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