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Welcome to Equilibrium

Equilibrium is the award winning Chartered wealth management company that offers a genuinely personalised financial planning and investment management service, giving clients confidence now and in the future.

Headquartered in Wilmslow, Cheshire, we oversee more than £1 billion worth of assets and are committed to delivering an exceptional service to all our clients. We also have an office in Chester.

Since 1995, Equilibrium has been providing friendly expertise on wealth and investment management, pensions and estate planning strategies. Going beyond just providing advice on investments, we develop long-term financial plans for clients, making a positive difference to people so that life can be enjoyed.

Our Services

  1. Financial planning Financial planning

    Creating a plan to help you work towards your financial goals

  2. B.O.S.S. B.O.S.S.

    Equilibrium's business owner strategy service

  3. Intergenerational planning Intergenerational planning

    Planning effectively for future generations

  4. Investments Investments

    Creating an investment solution that is stable, sustainable and meets your personal objectives

  5. Retirement planning Retirement planning

    Enabling you to plan for retirement with minimal stress and increase your future financial confidence

  6. Tax planning Tax planning

    Ensuring you minimise the tax you pay and enjoy the money to which you are entitled

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