Mark Hird
Authorised Pension Transfer Specialist

Joined Equilibrium in 2010

I joined Equilibrium because it had a great reputation and seemed to be a young and vibrant firm with a fresh approach to financial planning. Since I started, the business has grown but the culture remains the same. We deal with clients on a personal level and don’t treat them like just a number.

I enjoy the fact that I can work with a wide range of clients and objectives. My particular expertise is in implementing financial planning strategies to help clients achieve their growth objectives. I help new clients to structure their portfolios well, by utilising available allowances and maximising pension contributions, for example. I also enjoy being able to help identify how to reduce risks for clients, which in turn reduces sleepless nights.

In my spare time I enjoy being with my family and friends, listening to music, reading and watching films.

For me, it’s the people. The majority of the team are ‘positive’ with a ‘want to help attitude’. This is always inspiring and creates a great environment to work in.