Victoria Pearce
Compliance Manager

Joined Equilibrium in 2014

I’ve worked in financial services since 1997. A few years ago I decided I wanted to take a different path and moved into compliance. I then spent a few years providing compliance support to various small IFA firms around the North West. I enjoyed the role, but I was never with the same firm long enough to really make a difference, so I decided it was time to find one firm where I could settle in and contribute to the growth of the businesses – and that was Equilibrium.

Attention to detail is a key area of my work, together with interpreting and understanding the regulatory rules. It’s what I enjoy doing and it’s great to feel part of a team.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family. I love to travel and being outside in the fresh air walking my two gorgeous cocker spaniels.

At Equilibrium I feel like part of a great team. Personally, I appreciate the fact that if I have a business concern I can refer it and it will be listened to and considered. The FCA constantly talk about having the right culture within a business with regard to compliance. We have a good compliance culture here and that is testament to the senior leadership team who value the importance of compliance, which is clearly portrayed to the whole team.