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Asset allocation is key, that’s why we spend a lot of time considering how certain asset classes will react in various scenarios. Graeme Black, Investment Analyst, delves into more detail in this blog.

This week’s roundup includes news that Neil Woodford’s flagship fund will remain locked for at least another month, childcare is at threat of only becoming available in rich areas and Boris Johnson has promised a review of “unhealthy food taxes”.

You may have read about the suspension of purchases and redemptions in the Woodford Equity Income fund on Monday 3rd June. Whilst the fund is not held in Equilibrium funds or portfolios, some clients have enquired about the situation and are concerned about its consequences.

Many of you reading this will have an understanding of the quantitative and qualitative process that we go through before investing clients’ hard-earned money, however, one of the least discussed factors we have talked about previously is fund size. You might be asking why it matters how big or small a fund is - if it performs, so what?

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