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A day in the life of a Client Manager

As a Team Leader of the Implementation Team here at Equilibrium, I thought I'd share with you what a typical Monday looks like for me.

8:30am - Arrive at the office at the usual time and help myself to the free breakfast Equilibrium provides each day.

8:45am - Check my emails and respond where necessary. There’s always more emails on a Monday!

9:30am -  Internal meeting with an adviser who has been away from the office on annual leave for two weeks. The meeting was to update him with progress on the paraplanning for his clients. I have also been working on a particularly complex pension case and prior to finalising the suitability report I need to finalise the strategy with the adviser.

10:30am – A meeting with one of our advisers and a prospective client. At Equilibrium our approach involves really getting to know a client to be able to provide a personalised and bespoke financial plan. This was our first meeting so primarily involved the adviser finding out about their circumstances and their short and long term objectives.

12:00pm – Out for lunch with a friend.

1:00pm - Type notes from the meeting. All clients receive a set of notes from each meeting for their records. The meeting notes detail what was discussed, the next stages and any action points, including who is responsible.

2:30pm - Following my internal meeting earlier in the morning, I needed to analyse the pensions using a new piece of software to Equilibrium, Selectapension.  This software helps us to analyse the suitability of a pension transfer based on projected fund values and the returns required.

4:30pm – Finish up the day by taking a call from a client with a query. I spoke with the adviser to confirm a few details and passed these on to the client. As client managers, we are always on hand to speak with clients if they have any questions or queries.

5:15pm – Wrap up and put together a quick to-do list of my priorities for Tuesday.