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Luxury travel for young people: An interview with James Bell of Turquoise Holidays

Being young and travelling the world is surely two of life's great joys. But where are the best destinations for young people looking to holiday in luxury? We ask James Bell, Managing Director of Turquoise Holidays - a holiday tour operator specialising in bespoke, long-haul getaways to exotic locations across the globe - to find out more.

Where would you recommend young people go on a luxury holiday this summer?

For the best weather and the ultimate destination, the South Pacific is hard to beat. The Island of Bora Bora is home to the overwater bungalow and some of the most beautiful scenery on Earth. Or, have a look a Bali - great for surf culture and cool hotels. Combine this with a city stopover in Hong Kong or Singapore.

Where would you recommend they go later in the year?

The winter months offer the best time to visit the Maldives, and this remains a hotspot for the UK's romantically inclined. Add a twist to your holiday with a stopover in Dubai or Oman, or combine with a stay in Thailand for an exciting twin-centre option.

Where is proving particularly popular among holidaymakers at present?

Sri Lanka is really in vogue at the moment. It combines brilliantly with the Maldives, giving holidaymakers the perfect blend of beach, culture, wildlife, scenery and adventure.

Where would you recommend for those in search of a relaxing holiday?

Mauritius is hard to beat - it's a year-round destination with beautiful hotels offering outstanding luxury at a surprisingly good price. The beaches are stunning and I can't think of a more relaxing location to spend a week or two to de-stress.

Where would you recommend for those in search of a more active holiday?

Cambodia and Vietnam offer really exciting exploring options for those looking for a senses and culture overload.

Why should they spend their money on a holiday over other purchases?

A holiday has become an essential, not a luxury. Nothing can compete with the experience, excitement and rejuvenation a holiday offers. It's nice to see a bit of sun, too!

Are there are any luxury destinations that you predict will become particularly popular with this age group in the near future?

New Zealand and Australia are often seen as retirement or backpacker destinations, but I believe they will become more popular for offering fabulous food and wine, an outdoor adventure lifestyle and fabulous wildlife. What's not to love?