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'We Love Escaping to Europe for the Sun and Sea', Our Survey Shows

We know our clients love their holidays, and with the British summer drawing to a close, we thought it would be fun to find out more about our holiday habits. We therefore conducted a survey of more than 800 people and found, perhaps unsurprisingly, that we Brits love to get away for the great weather, with Europe - and particularly Spain - our preferred destination. 

Our poll revealed that heading away for the sun and sea is the favourite type of holiday for just under one-third of all respondents (31%), which was closely followed by a family holiday (29%), and markedly higher than the 15% who cited a city break. 

Exploring Europe 

Europe emerged as the favourite holiday region by claiming 59% of the vote. The next most popular regions of North America (18%) and the Caribbean (7%). Europe's preferred status was reiterated when we asked which country people enjoy holidaying in the most. While 44 answered the United States, the vast majority plumped for destinations throughout mainland Europe. 

Indeed, 50 people answered Italy, 29 opted for Greece, 28 chose France and 20 selected Portugal. Spain, however, was the winner by some distance, with 102 respondents revealing the Mediterranean country - which boasts seaside resorts such as the Costa del Sol and major cities such as Barcelona - is their destination of choice. 

The findings also revealed that Spain plays host to some of the most favoured cities and resorts in the world among holidaymakers, with Majorca and the aforementioned Barcelona collecting many of the votes. 

Seeing the sights 

While holidays are traditionally associated with winding down and taking things easy, our research suggests holidaymakers don't just want to relax on the beach, but prefer to get out and explore. We found that by far the most favourite activity among respondents is sightseeing, with 37% highlighting this as the thing they like doing the most while abroad. This was more than twice the number who cited sunbathing as their favourite holiday activity. 

It seems many of us are only keen to travel if it suits our budgets, however, as cost was named the number one influence when it comes to picking a holiday. Just under half of respondents selected price as their main concern (43%), while 27% said the weather dictates their decision and 14% pointed to the activities on offer. 

It is not overly surprising that people enjoy a mix of beach getaways and city breaks when treating themselves to a holiday abroad, and even less surprising that they wish to do so to a budget. By making the right financial decisions now, you can ensure you are able to take the holidays you dream about in the future. 

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