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What the Fricker Frack!

Ok, it’s been a hell of a two weeks. I feel like I have met myself going backwards, or whatever that saying is. It has been incredibly busy, crazy stressful, the days have been a blur - and what’s even worse is that I don’t even know what I’ve accomplished. That is the worst feeling. It must be something because I’ve been working really hard, and things are going really well at Equilibrium, but my brain won’t slow down enough to figure out what that is. 

As a half Canadian I realised it was Thanksgiving in Canada the other weekend.  As I saw people on my Facebook feed saying what they were thankful for it reminded me of some key concepts used by the coaching company I used to work for in Toronto – ‘what I am grateful for’ and ‘what is going well?’ 

It’s easy to feel down about the long, long list of to-do’s you have, and the emails you haven’t had time to read. It’s easy to be annoyed that it wasn’t ‘just perfect’ - but if your days are spent focusing on what you didn’t get done, it doesn’t take long to become a cynical, negative person.  Certainly not much fun to be around, and definitely not a motivating leader! 

So, after my 30 seconds of self-doubt I wrote down all the great things that had happened over the past two weeks. It didn’t take long before I was on a roll, and not only was I just writing down what I had achieved but what Equilibrium and the rest of the team had done too.  It was two weeks of success, not sorrow. 

I figured that if I was susceptible to the ‘woulda, coulda, shoulda’ mantra then it was likely that a lot of people around me were too. So now all of my meetings start with a positive focus, and I try to remember to ask people what is working, what they are happy with and what they are proud of. 

I end my days re-visiting what got done, what went well, and what I’m proud of.  Here are my top three things for Equilibrium during this past fortnight: 

  1. We did a volatility trade which provided a good return for our clients. We are constantly looking at ways to create value for our clients, and leveraging the expertise of our investment team by doing volatility trades is one of the ways that we do that. Whilst it can mean a lot of work for the team preparing the portfolios so that we can trade, the outcome was well worth it. 

  1. Our website achieved a 4th place ranking for digital intelligence in the Financial Times Top 100 Financial Advisers in the UK. I’m really proud that our focus on content and being the ‘friendly expert’ has allowed us to rank alongside the big boys!   

  1. We sponsored a charity event for GI ASCO which raised £4000 to help street kids in Uganda. It’s an impressive organisation supported by the grandchild of one of our clients who is studying to be a human rights barrister. 

Not bad at all for a couple of week’s work! 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

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