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What was it like...? Debbie Jukes

On our 21st anniversary, Debbie Jukes reflects on her memories of Equilibrium over the years…

What is one of your first memories when you first joined EQ?

The size – having worked for a large corporate organisation in Manchester previously, it was something of a culture shock joining a small enterprise in Handforth village.

What do you think has been your greatest success?

One of my proudest moments was receiving positive feedback about the way we run the business following what felt like a very gruelling interview with the regulator (the Financial Services Authority as it was then) – apart from the huge relief, it was a great achievement for the business as a whole.

What has been your biggest personal challenge?

Adapting to the changes, requirements and additional regulatory requirements that came from our direct authorisation (having formerly been part of an umbrella group). It was a very steep learning curve for me.

Your best memory from your time at EQ?

Having been here for 15 years, it’s too hard to choose just one. There have been lots of funny moments but probably one of the most exciting was the purchase of our headquarters on Brooke Court because it felt like a huge leap forward for the firm.

What do you hope to achieve in the coming year?

It’s been a while since I obtained the Chartered Financial Planning qualification so it’s high time I completed the final few exams to get me to Fellowship status.