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Equilibrium giving a cheque to the All Ears group

All Ears are the latest group in Chester to receive a £500 grant from our Chester Community Support Scheme.

The group was set up in 2014 with the support of, and as an outreach of, Deafness Support Network, a charity founded in 1976 which provides support services to people with a range of hearing impairments. All Ears works to tackle isolation within the community by providing opportunities for people who struggle to hear to be able to meet, engage in conversations and access lip reading classes.

The group, which holds its meetings at Quaker House on Union Walk in Chester, helps to promote wellbeing and provides a forum which allows its members to form lasting friendships which otherwise may never have existed.

Equilibrium’s grant will be used to allow the group to continue to pay for essential services and provide hot and cold beverages for members and to continue to rent the premises.

Judith Taylor, Treasurer at All Ears, said:

We’re so pleased to have been given this generous grant from Equilibrium. We had initially applied for £300, so to find out not only that our application had been successful but that we would be receiving £500 as well, was a fantastic surprise. We’re all really delighted.

David McKendrick, Partner at Equilibrium Asset Management, said: 

It was fantastic to meet those involved and see first-hand the real difference made by the work they do. I look forward to seeing the tremendously important services All Ears offer continue to help people suffering from hearing loss in the community.