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Caitlin wins Fantasy Investment League with 5.76 per cent profit

Caitlin Lewis was recently announced as the winner of our Fantasy Investment League at The Queen’s School in Chester.

Caitlin made a 5.76 per cent profit on the £300 investment fund, holding off tough competition from the 15 other class mates. Caitlin won an Apple Watch and the school received £250 for taking part in the competition. £123.34 profit was returned as a total on all the girl’s investments, which is being donated to YoungMinds, the school’s chosen charity,

Neal Foundly said:

This is the first time we’ve run the competition with The Queen’s School and it’s fantastic to see that all the students who took part ended up with more money than they started with. That’s despite the volatility we saw in global markets throughout the period we ran the competition – so congratulations to everyone who got involved.

At the start of the competition Investment Manager Mike Deverell visited the school sharing the golden rules of investments, how shares and funds work and how to manage risk. The pupils were then each given a pot of £300 and selected a portfolio of funds to invest in. The girls managed these assets over a five-month period.

Brendan Durkan, Head of Economics and Business at The Queen’s School, said:

We have really enjoyed taking part in the Equilibrium Fantasy Investment League this year – it’s been an invaluable way of helping to stoke up even more interest in business and economics within the school and it’s given the girls a true insight into how stocks and shares operate in the real world. The girls really engaged with the competition and we can’t wait to take part again next year.