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Equilibrium employees with Handmade for Dementia charity

Handmade for Dementia NorthWest & Uk has been awarded a £300 grant after applying to Equilibrium Asset Management’s Chester Community Support Scheme.

The group was set up last year to make NHS Pattern Dementia Twiddle Mitts and Fidget Blankets/Boards for people with Dementia.

Since May 2016, more than 300 of these items have been donated to CWAC Care Homes, Hospitals and Memory Cafés. The donation will be used by the group to buy new materials to be able to develop Boards that are suitable for gentlemen. 

To find out more about the group visit their Facebook page here. 

Applicants from Chester, the Wirral and Wales can visit https://www.eqllp.co.uk/the-foundation/chester-and-district-community-support-scheme/