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One of the keys to a successful future in business and in life

Creating a financial plan will give you the confidence to manage your dreams, expectations and responsibilities

Are you looking for a greater sense of financial freedom? Do you need help creating a bespoke financial plan that will allow you to manage your dreams, expectations and responsibilities? Would it help you sleep at night if the most complicated aspects of your financial management were in the hands of a team of dedicated financial advisers?

We'd be surprised if anyone reading this answered 'no' to the above questions. At Equilibrium we consider it our role to steer you towards your long-term financial freedom with our specialist financial planning services.

With a client retention rate of 99.19% and more than £1 billion worth of assets overseen by our team, our clients have the peace of mind that their finances are in safe hands.

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The importance of personal financial planning

Financial planning enables you to create and work towards financial goals, both short and long term. It encourages you to follow a balanced plan to ensure these goals are met and means you will have a better understanding and greater steer on the many different aspects of financial planning.

Financial planning is incredibly important because it allows you to set both short and long-term goals and directs you to the best ways of achieving them.

It gives you the peace of mind and the confidence that you're on track to securing the financial future for you and your family that you have always hoped for."

  Andrew Hirst, Partner and Chartered Financial Planner at Equilibrium

The benefits of effective financial planning

  • Improved income management

Effective tax planning can help you better manage your income by giving you a clearer idea of the amounts you will need for specific financial activities, including monthly outgoings and tax payments.

  • Improved investment management

A sound financial plan can help you select investments that are the right fit for you, based on various factors including your long-term objectives and attitude to risk. To find out more about our investment management service, provided by Equilibrium Investment Management, click here.

  • Increased cashflow

With a better handle on your incomings and outgoings, as well as improved planning with regard to spending and tax, you can make significant strides towards improved cashflow.

  • Increased capital

Greater capital can derive from higher cashflow, which will give you the opportunity to use your money to grow your assets further - through investment, for example.

  • Improved family security

Financial security is a major reason why many people choose to build a financial plan; having one will ensure you have all of the right policies - such as insurance - in place.

  • Improved financial understanding

It always helps to have a good understanding of your finances and having a strong financial plan will help with this. It will help you know your objectives and how best to meet them.

  • Increased savings

A financial plan can help you with your savings in the traditional sense, and can also help by ensuring you have investments with high liquidity, which can come in very handy in an emergency or when a significant outlay is required.

Bespoke financial management

Once you decide to put a financial plan in place, we will look at your starting point, your potential goals and work out the growth rate required to take you from point A to B, over the right time horizon and using the right vehicles to get you there, perhaps even allowing for a little additional spending on the way.

And of course, there aren't just your own requirements to consider – you may like to help your family along their own paths as well.

At Equilibrium we understand the financial worries keeping you awake at night, perhaps relating to the complexities of estate planning, or wondering how to take care of yourself in the later years. In the shorter term, the impact of inflation and its headline-grabbing threat might be the issue causing you concern.

More information

Just as your financial situation isn’t the same as everybody else's, our financial planning services aren’t one size fits all. Our financial advisers take all the information that you have provided to ensure we create a plan that works for you and that will help you to achieve your long term goals.

Using powerful cashflow modelling systems, our advisers can calculate a detailed and accurate forecast of your finances.

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Whatever your hopes or fears, we're here to help guide you through each possible option, delivering a long-term financial plan that is tailored to your needs and will help you feel in control, regardless of what the future may bring.

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