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Libby's big aeroplane adventure

What is it, and who is it for?

Libby’s big aeroplane adventure is a financial literacy workbook aimed towards children aged 9-10 (KS2, Year 5).

Who is Libby, and what’s the story behind her ‘big aeroplane adventure’?

The workbook follows the adventures of a young girl named Libby visiting her grandparents in the UK, all the way from her home in Canada.

The workbook is brightly illustrated and sets its readers a number of challenges in the form of real life scenarios, such as setting budgets and crossing time zones. The use of a fictional story allows children to learn new financial skills and apply them without sharing their own financial position.


Why did Equilibrium create Libby’s big aeroplane adventure?

Financial Conduct Authority research shows that one in seven adult’s literacy skills, and just under half of all adults’ numeracy skills, are equal to or less than that expected of an 11-year-old. Furthermore, when shown a simple bank statement, 16% failed to correctly identify the available balance. That figure rose to just under a quarter for those over 55.

Primary education is vital to financial literacy, and Equilibrium was eager to make a positive difference to pupils’ learning. Our financial planning background combined with the experience of former headteacher and founder of SARN, David Evans, meant that we were able to create and produce an engaging, educational booklet based on the requirements of the primary curriculum. So, not only does the booklet help children with their numeracy, it also saves teachers some time lesson planning!

Why is the Libby’s big aeroplane adventure beneficial to my school?

  • Specifically designed with the KS2 financial literacy education in mind – aligned to appropriate objectives and requirements of the primary curriculum.
  • Developed by an experienced former primary school headteacher who has given evidence to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Financial Education for Young People.
  • Engaging ready-made workbook to use with pupils.
  • Numerous opportunities for extended cross-curricular activities.
  • Key "teachers' notes and learning points" provided.
  • Considers financial skills in multiple situations and contexts.
  • Last but not least, all materials and training are paid for by Equilibrium so there is no cost to the school! 

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Who is David Evans?

David is a former headteacher who spent twenty years teaching in mainstream education including seven years as headteacher of a large primary school in Wales. During that time, he developed a keen interest in helping learners develop their key financial skills. The importance of these skills has further increased in recent years as young people grow up in an increasingly complex world where they are faced with an ever-widening range of financial decisions.

20 years ago, David resigned from his position as headteacher to establish SARN, an educational consultancy that has worked with both public and private organisations developing projects particularly in the primary sector. Much of SARN’s work has been focused on financial education, for which SARN has run CPD for teachers, workshops for young learners, developed resources and advised the public and private sectors on links with schools’ financial projects. In 2016 he gave evidence to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Financial Education for Young People. This led to a number of key recommendations on how financial education should be developed in schools, including the primary sector.

In 2016 David worked with Equilibrium to develop a resource that would support teachers and learners within a number of key areas of primary financial education.