Colin Lawson
Founder & Partner

Founded Equilibrium (then Applewood) in 1995

I was on a youth training programme with the Automobile Association and the offices of Norwich Union were next door. The consultants had nice cars and seemed to spend a lot of time out for lunch, so I decided that was a more attractive proposition and managed to get myself a job there as a trainee broker consultant.

After working at Norwich Union and then Britannia Life, I set up a financial planning and investment management company, Applewood (now Equilibrium), back in 1995. The rest is history! You can find out more about the history of Equilibrium by watching our latest video below.

I originally started Applewood because I thought that I could do a better job for clients than a lot of the advisers I called upon in my broker consultant days! I also realised that I’d never be comfortable working for large organisations, having to follow decisions that I didn’t agree with or work within parameters outside of my control.

Since the launch of Applewood I’ve developed a creative approach to problem-solving which is great for coming up with strategies and solutions for clients.  Technically, I like to think that I’m more than competent across the board. I enjoy creating visuals about the company, our service and expertise - you can see all my videos here. 

Outside of work, I’m a regular track-day attendee at Oulton Park.  I love skiing and also do a lot of travelling.