Our Promise

We promise to treat your money with the utmost respect

At Equilibrium we have committed to providing the highest standard of advice to everyone we work with. As part of this commitment to excellent service, we ask that you notify us as soon as possible of any issues and allow us the opportunity to rectify the problem.  If you are still not satisfied by the time of your next annual review, we will be pleased to refund any fees that you have paid to us during that year.

We promise to treat your money with the utmost respect. We will always work with extreme caution, diligence and dedication as we strive to help build your wealth and ensure a higher quality of life for you and your family.

As part of our fee structure the income we receive is calculated as a percentage of the assets that we influence, not on the transactions that we undertake for you. Equilibrium benefits from managing your money properly rather than profiting from moving it between financial products or funds, as had become unfortunately quite common in our sector.

Equilibrium conduct at least annual reviews of all accounts and will always ask your permission to retain our fees, ensuring you hold full control over our working relationship.

For further details please see our client agreement.

Our fees

We structure our fees according to five guiding principles: no bias; transparency; control; added value; and a consistently fair approach.

No bias

We want to be paid for managing your money, not moving it around. Our annual fee covers all aspects of our service as opposed to charging for every transaction so you can be confident that any changes are made with the sole aim of improving your portfolio 


Our transparent approach guarantees that you will be provided with a schedule that details the fees we have received and any commissions we have been paid from legacy products.


At each annual review meeting, we will ask you to confirm that we may retain the fees we have received during the year for our ongoing services.

Added value

Any fees we charge must be justified and we will always demonstrate the value we have added.

A fair approach

We are always consistent with our fees and we will never offer a discount to one client that we would not be prepared to offer to all who share similar circumstances. We take this approach to ensure you feel confident that you are being treated fairly while not paying either more or less than another client for the same services.


If you would like to know more about our core principles and the range of services we offer, contact us today by completing an enquiry form or calling 0808 156 1176.