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We are often asked by our clients to provide more detailed views of our portfolio and to share our thoughts on what we look for when constructing portfolios. We have a number of tools at our disposal that allow us to look beyond the high level fund selection. We are able to see how the funds, and our portfolios, look underneath at the stock level.

This week’s roundup includes news that a Brexit deal has received cabinet approval, the number of women heading up Britain’s top 350 companies have fallen and research has shown we spend one entire day a year complaining about consumer goods and services.

This week’s roundup includes news that the pension age for women has been raised, 2019 will see a new energy price cap being introduced and the divide between North and South house prices could be expected to narrow.

Our autumn seminar season has come to an end after another successful round of events. The informative seminars featured Equilibrium’s Financial Planner Andrew Hirst delivering a presentation on ‘protecting your assets in times of change’, providing an overview of the current world economy and EQ’s approach to financial planning.

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