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This week’s roundup includes news that this weekend’s royal wedding will have a ‘limited’ benefit to the economy, store footfall is in ‘unprecedented’ decline and the UK’s potholes now account for £1m in claims a month.

Fraudsters are getting smarter but there are many ways you can protect yourself. Here are some simple tips to keep yourself, and your hard-earned money, safe and secure.

This week’s roundup includes news that the planned merger between SSE and npower could be fully investigated, the rail industry has launched a consultation into ticketing improvements and a new report has listed ways to heal the ‘inter-generational’ divide – including giving 25 year olds a £10,000 payment.

We are often asked by our clients to provide more detailed views of our portfolio and to share our thoughts on how we build them. Whilst we rely on the fund managers we select it’s important for us to look through to the underlying assets we ultimately invest in. Over the coming months we will share some of the detail on our portfolios through a series of blogs.

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